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Never miss out on a prospective client again! Save time, build relationships and stand out from your competition with our voice recording and messaging platform for the real estate industry. 


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voice recording and messaging platform

Save time by talking on the move

Let new and potential clients reach out to you with updates about what they’re looking for - anywhere, any time. And when you find a great new place you think your clients will love, you can let them know right away!

Build stronger relationships with your clients

As humans, we communicate most of our emotion through the tone, speed and intonation of our voices. And voice has been humans’ most powerful relationship-building tool for millennia! Understand your clients’ better, speak to them more persuasively and build closer relationships with them by using your voice - and your listening skills!

voice recording and messaging platform
voice recording and messaging platform

Stand out from your competition

When your customers are looking for help finding a new place, the options are limitless. Make sure you get ahead of the competition by offering your customers an easier way to get in touch! When you let your customers send you voice notes, you’re providing a fast, personal, efficient service that’s second to none. With our online voice recording and messaging platform, you can become the real estate agency that makes clients feel valued, understood and heard on the way to finding their dream home.  

Easily keep track of your team's conversations with clients

No more wondering whether a client's request has been dealt with - and no more accidentally leaving a voicemail unreturned! Within your team's voice inbox, you can easily assign voice messages to the right person - or claim them for yourself - and keep track of exactly who has and hasn't been responded to. 

voice recording and messaging platform

Fully customisable

Everything about your brand’s online voice recorder can be personalised to match your brand. From your colour scheme to the text displayed, we'll let you make sure your online voice recorder is super ‘you’.


Easy to install

Display your online voice recorder as a hosted page that you can link to from anywhere, or simply set it up on your website as a custom button or tab.

Nico Phair

Founder and CEO 

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“At telbee, we’re on a mission to make real estate more human. We believe that modern voice recording technology should be affordable, efficient and accessible to everyone.”

Bernie Klein


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“When you go the extra mile to make your clients feel heard, understood and valued, they’ll be sure to value you right back!”

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